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Dr. Camille offers a 15-minute consultation to address your concerns about your health, wellness, and chiropractic care.  In this consultation, Dr. Camille will explain chiropractic care, the basic workings of your nervous system, and how it can improve your health, wellness, and quality of life.


New patient exam


Dr. Camille knows that your initial exam is very important.  During this exam she will ask you about your birth, childhood, lifestyle, diet, work, and relationships in addition to discussing your symptoms.  Dr. Camille will then perform a physical, neurological, and chiropractic exam to determine the root cause of your symptoms.  This portion will take about an hour.

The next day you will return to the office for a report of findings.  During this appointment Dr. Camille will explain your exam findings, what they mean, and how they are related to your health, wellness, and quality of life.  Also, during this appointment Dr. Camille will ask you about your goals for care.  Together, you and Dr. Camille will determine the best course of action.




When you come in to get checked, Dr. Camille will ask for an update and scan your spine.  If subluxations are present, she will preform a chiropractic adjustment.  Dr. Camille utilizes a gentle chiropractic approach that many patients enjoy.  These office visits usually take about 10 minutes.

Through out your care, Dr. Camille will schedule progress exams.  Dr. Camille will ask you about your progress and goals will be reassessed.  During these appointments Dr. Camille will also re-examine your spine and nervous system.



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