Growing and birthing a baby may be the most important and wonderful task of your life, aside from raising your baby.  It comes with a whole new set of responsibilities.  It can be so overwhelming to learn what to eat, what not to eat, how to sleep, how much to drink, when to go to the doctor, and the list goes on.

One thing you might not have thought about is how your spine and pelvis is moving.  As your belly grows the curves in your spine may change.  As your baby grows, it presses and moves into your pelvis.  Ideally the curves in your spine should remain healthy and your baby should assume the head down position into the pelvis.  Dr. Camille assists by balancing your spine and pelvis.  When the pelvis is properly aligned, there is no tension on your uterus and your baby is comfortable and free to assume the best position in your pelvis.

In today’s society, Dr. Camille notices that many women are sitting for their jobs.  When a woman is pregnant, this changes the function of the pelvis.  This has led to an increase in breach babies, meaning they are not head down.  It is important to begin chiropractic care before you become pregnant or early in your first trimester.  This allows Dr. Camille time to work with your spine and pelvis to restore proper alignment giving your baby the best chance at staying head down.  Side effects of chiropractic care during pregnancy can include relief of low back pain, decreased heartburn and nausea, and a faster and easier labor.