Are You Toxic?

No, I’m not asking if you manipulate your friends and take advantage of their good nature.


I am asking if your body is overburdened by all the chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. 


I am willing to guess that you are toxic, as most Americans are.  But how would you know? Are there ways to tell short of blood and urine lab work?  While I always say that it is best to TEST and not GUESS, here is a list of symptoms most commonly associated with toxicity.



Feeling sluggish and run down is the NUMBER ONE symptom of toxicity.  Your body is so hindered by all the residual chemicals circulating around that you don’t have energy for anything else.


Coffee and Sugar Cravings

You crave caffeine and a quick sugar boost to get you through those lows in the afternoon.  This is a sign of poor insulin sensitivity.  Toxins found in plastics, beauty products, and conventional foods decrease insulin sensitivity.  Your body tries to fix decreased sugar absorption by asking for more.


Excess Body Fat

All those chemicals have got to go somewhere.  The body stores them in the fat cells.  It is a protective mechanism to remove chemicals from the blood and vital tissues.  Tucking away harmful chemicals into fat cells protects more important cells.


Inability to Lose Weight

When you really are overweight and struggling to shed the pounds, what is happening? Your body is already in a toxic state, so it goes into protective mode.  As your fat cells shrink, they release toxins stored there.  Your body is overburdened by the toxic load.  You stop shrinking fat cells as a protection against residual chemicals.  You can diet and exercise all you want, but your body isn’t going to release the fat and toxins if you are already toxic.

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Foggy Brain

Where are my keys? Why is the milk in the cabinet? Did I forget to rotate the laundry again? While this could very well be mom brain or lack of sleep, maybe there is more to it.  Toxic chemicals circulating your body are bound to influence your brain.  Many chemicals found in water, furniture, and conventional food are neurotoxins.  Yikes!


Aches and Pains

Toxins circulating you body damage the tissues and cells in your joints and muscles.  These constant aches and pains may feel like you just worked out – but you haven’t. 


Poor Sleep

Sleep is the time that our body and brain need to heal and regenerate.  When your body is overburdened by residual chemicals, your brain can’t process, and you struggle to get a good night’s sleep.  This only make the toxicity problem worse.  Your body needs sleep to detox and heal. 



There are a lot of things that can cause constipation.  Dehydration and toxicity are two of them.  Your colon is working hard to remove all the water and nutrients from your food.  Your body is struggling to process the residual chemicals and will do everything it can to get the water and nutrients needed to do so.

Water retention

The solution to pollution is dilution!  Water retention is a sign that your body is toxic.  Your body is holding onto excess water to dilute all the residual chemicals in your body.


Dry, Brittle Hair and Nails

Shiny, strong, and long hair and nails are a sign of good health.  Your hair and nails might be trying to tell you something.  Listen to them!


Skin Problems

Acne, rashes, eczema, rosacea, and dry, rough skin are all signs of toxicity.  Your skin is one of your body’s detox organs.  Your body will use the pores in your skin to expel chemicals.  This usually results in dryness, irritation, and pimples.  All the creams in the world will not help if you don’t eliminate the toxins from your body.


If any combination of these symptoms sound like you, you might be toxic. 


It is time to ditch the chemicals and support your body into wellness.


Call your Cedarburg Chiropractor for more information.  Early Beginnings Chiropractic offers free classes for reducing your toxic load. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn more!




- Dr Camille Berger