Chiropractic for Fertility

May is the month of Mother’s Day. This month, at Early Beginnings Chiropractic, we honor mothers. We do this in a variety of ways. In this blog post, I want to honor and support a different type of mother.

This might be strange - but I want to honor the mother that is waiting for her child. This is the mother, the 1 in 8, is struggling with infertility. And yes, I do believe that she is a mother. I write about that HERE.

This woman, maybe it’s you, is on her journey into motherhood. She is in a phase of struggle, waiting, and hope. Hope for those two pink lines. Hope for a gift from God. Hope for an answer to her prayers.

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I want to focus on that hope. Hope is so powerful. Hope keeps us going. Hope is belief in better things. Hope leads us on a journey we were never expecting.

And here is my chiropractic grain of hope for you: There is a way to boost your fertility, naturally.

I want to be clear about what it is and what it isn’t. It’s not easy and it’s not a quick fix. But it’s also not invasive. It is neurologically, functionally, and wellness based. It is focused on the health and wellness of the couple. It creates health in the body of both partners to restore function. When this function is restored, couples experience better physical and emotional health. And yes, a baby.

In our office, fertility care is for both partners. Mom and dad go through a complete consultation and exam. We talk diet, exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress, emotional health, relationships, personal care products, toxin exposures, and the list goes on. From there, we develop a care plan to restore function to both mom and dad. This always includes chiropractic care. Restoring nerve function to the reproductive organs is key! This also always includes a nutritional and supplement regimen. Fueling the body is necessary for building a little human. We may also determine the need for further hormone testing and other lifestyle changes.

Restoration of function and health takes at least 3 months. It takes a lot of work. But I promise you, it is all worth it. You will move better. You will eat better. You will sleep better. You will feel better. You will look better. Most importantly, you will FUNCTION better.

This is an option for you whether you have been trying to conceive for years or you plan to start trying in a year. Lets prepare you body for pregnancy! Call your Cedarburg Chiropractor to learn more!

Our Mission:
To provide Chiropractic Care, resources and education to the pregnant mother and her family to facilitate a healthy pregnancy, labor and birth creating a healthy lifestyle.